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Introducing New Vision Pharmaceuticals: New Technology and Talent for the CDMO Market

Announcing New Vision

By Alan Petro

There’s an exciting entrant into the contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) market: New Vision Pharmaceuticals.

Recently acquired by an investment arm of Morgan Stanley, New Vision Pharmaceuticals is a full-service, FDA-registered CDMO. We provide innovative solutions through blow-fill-seal (BFS), fill-seal, stick pack and traditional packaging for liquid and semi-solid products in a breadth of industries. At our state-of-the-art 165,000 square foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, we can both formulate and fulfill pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, dietary supplements and a multitude of other products for domestic and global markets.

New Vision’s acquisition represents a strategic investment by our owner, Morgan Stanley, in an area with significant value creation potential given the CDMO market’s growth and excellent customer acceptance around the world. For customers, both domestic and international, the synergies between New Vision and Morgan Stanley allow us to better serve you through enhanced technology investment and broader market reach.

With access to new capital from the acquisition, New Vision is adding production options and capabilities to meet your unique needs faster and to deliver innovative products to your specifications. As an example, we’re investing in your future needs with a new BFS production line arriving soon from Germany to deliver increased volume, economy and quality to our customers.

We’ve also brought in new talent throughout the organization to further our growth, including a management team that’s strongly attuned to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic testing markets and is looking for major advancements in those areas. Our talent includes seasoned professionals who understand the needs of our customers like the newest member of our management team, Chief Commercial Officer John Kelly. John brings a wealth of experience in the CDMO industry, and many in the industry have worked successfully with him in the past.

To expand our reach and product offerings, New Vision Pharmaceuticals has also invested in top R&D talent in addition to new technology. Through this talent and capability, we can develop new products or enhance current products.

We can also scale quickly to meet shifting market demands, as we recently did for a provider of high-quality diagnostic tests to aid in the detection and diagnosis of COVID-19. With this client, our team was able to go from initial discussions to formulation, BFS production and delivery of these reagents in less than four weeks. We recognize that product priorities can quickly change in the pharmaceutical market, as during the pandemic, and our goal is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible for all our clients so they can meet these challenges.

The combination of additional capital, skilled talent and focus on key markets will allow New Vision Pharmaceuticals to achieve its long-term vision of becoming a preeminent CDMO. We plan to continue expanding our prescription, over-the-counter, diagnostic reagent, and dietary supplement product lines. This is enabled by our focus on quality, reliability and on-time performance.

We truly look forward to meeting your future CDMO needs as we grow together and improve the lives of consumers who use our products.

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